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Mortgage Loans for Retail and Strip Shopping Center Financing

MFI provides a wide variety of rates on retail strip shopping center mortgage financing loans and programs to match your specific requirements. Our lender / investor resources are among of the most extensive in the industry, so we can offer the best financing terms available in the marketplace. Our Commercial Account Executives will ensure that you get terms best for your qualifications. Choosing loans for shopping centers and strip retail buildings requires an understanding of your investment goals. Cap rate is not the only consideration. Some investment strategies are for short term profits, long term investing, maximize immediate cash flow, fix and flip, etc. The right commercial property connected with the right program on a fixed rate, adjustable rate, bridge, private money, equity participation, etc. will assure terms that best meet your investment goals and requirements.

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Strip retail shopping center building loans and commercial mortgage financing.

Most typical banks and other commercial lending sources all over the country often turn down requests for smaller amounts requested for strip shopping center loans and mortgage financing. Even if the borrower’s credit is good and the property is well qualified. They just don’t want to handle a small dollar amount requests. This means that many deserving business people do not get necessary financial assistance the need. MFI will work with you to close those mortgages for small strip shopping center financing loans that others will not handle.

Financing a Retail Building Mortgage Loan for purchase can be very rewarding and profitable. It takes a large investment too. Repairs, advertising, insurance and construction are big factors in running these commercial properties. Taxes, permits and building codes must also be considered. Managing Retail Shopping Strip Centers are a fulltime job. Financing mortgage loans is a critical element in the bottom line profits.


The expanding popularity of commercial strip center retail real estate along with the shrinking cap rates has helped revive an old structure: mezzanine (subordinate) financing mortgage loans. Though this has been around for quite a long time, investors use of mezzanine debt and equity has risen over the last couple years. The main reason for the growth is that mezzanine debt provides both lenders and borrowers with a way to increase yields.

Recently, cap rates have declined. Advantageous terms help keep the bottom line attractive though. The From USA market is in comparably better shape than other sectors. It is outperforming office, industrial and multifamily, according to accredited industry experts. The From USA retail and shopping strip center vacancy rate settled in at just 7% at the end of the third quarter. Absorption of space during the first nine months of 2005 reached almost 27 million square feet. The rate of new construction in this area remained lack luster with 23.9 million square feet added. Rents also increased, rising to over $16.50 per square foot in the third quarter, compared with $16.24 per square foot in 2004. This year, vacancy rates are expected to increase as little as construction rates increase to 37.1 million square feet.

Finding just the right financing terms on retail strip shopping center financing loans can be a daunting challenge. Your financial investment goals and security are dependent upon making the right decisions. Our account executives are here to discuss your goals with you and provide a solution that fits into those goals.

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