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Mobile Home Park Mortgage Financing Loans

Mobile Home Park Financing and Mortgage Loans are obviously necessary for businesses and individuals that are looking to purchase a property or refinance Mobile Home Park Financing Loans. Easy mortgage loans for financing makes this process quick and simple. Today, the cost of these type properties are high and most individuals and companies do not keep the cash on hand to purchase the Mobile Home Park outright. Financing mortgage loans is the answer. Even multi-billion dollar companies take out mortgage loans for financing Mobile Home Parks because leverage is a financial tool that allows for capital retention.

We provide financing for communities large and small. Our experienced staff will provide you personalized attention and will structure a program that fits your individual needs.

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Mobile Home Park financing loans and mortgages can prove to be a very rewarding and profitable proposition. These investments are a fulltime job at least. They can require attention twenty four / seven. It takes a large investment too in the form of cash and mortgage loan financing. Maintenance, repairs, advertising, insurance and rent collection can be a challenge in operating a Park for Mobil Homes. Loans and mortgage financing are just one concern. Water, sewerage and utilities are important to the tenants and owners alike. Taxes, zoning, permits and building codes must also be considered. Funding can be obtained through either a commercial lender, private investor or venture capitalist.

The Problem: Obtaining funding can be very time consuming and difficult if you’re not very familiar with the market and the players in the industry.

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The Solution: If you are serious about owning, financing or getting  mortgages or loans on a Mobile Home Park, let Maximum Financial Inc. work with and for you. We have access to specialized investors  and commercial lenders to obtain the funding required by you.

Funding Range:

Understanding Your Needs:

We understand your need for advantageous terms. Finding just the right financial terms can be quite complex, but we make it easy for you. We know that the more difficult it is to obtain funding capital and the longer it takes, the easier it is that you can get discouraged. We won’t let this keep you from realizing your dreams of opening or expanding a business.

We Can Help!

Maximum Financial Inc. specializes in both Conventional and Hard to Fund projects that require a creative funding approach.  We have created a special relationship between entrepreneurs and commercial lenders / investors.  In order for us to determine how we can assist you in finding the right investor relationship for your project, please submit our Quick Application / Pre-Qualification form.  To analyze the information properly, we ask general and specific questions regarding your business and/or project.  We understand that entrepreneurs are typically risk takers that usually put their own credit and finances at risk, sometimes hurting their credit. Please understand that your honest answers regarding credit and finances will have no bearing on whether or not we take you on as a client. Rather, they serve as a tool in analyzing your situation and in developing the right funding strategy for your situation. After one of our competent representatives has had a chance of review you inquiry, we will get back to you to go the the next level and establish a plan of action.


  • Loan amounts $100,000 to $3,000,000.
  • 3, 5, 10, 15-year fixed rates available.
  • 80% LTV (loan-to-value) on purchases; 80% LTV on NO cash-out refinance; 75% LTV on cash-out refinance.
  • Recourse and Non-Recourse programs available.
  • Mixed use parks are allowed – 25% commercial rentals and no more than a 10% RV component.
  • Minimum of 10 spaces, and limited park owned units allowed for our “A” program.
  • Term: 30-years, no balloon in 10 years.
  • Amortization: 15 to 30-years. Interest Only available on case by case basis.
  • Down payment can come from home equity. Borrower must put a minimum of 10-20% down.
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  • 10% of down payment may be gifted depending on credit scores.
  • Closing in 40-50 days of receipt of borrowers application and loan registration.
  • Stated Income, no debt to income ratio or net worth to income ratio on the borrower.


  • Loan amounts $3,000,000 to $50,000,000.
  • Non-Recourse, no personal guarantee.
  • 3, 5, 7, 10-year fixed rates available and terms with 25-30-year amortization.
  • LTV up to 80% with cash out refinance or purchases.
  • Yield maintenance or defeasance prepayment penalty.
  • Assumable with a fee.
  • Fully documented loan with debt to income, net worth to loan and liquidity to net worth ratios.
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