Financing Churches With Loans to Mortgage Worship Facilities

If you have ever tried to apply for church financing loans or religious worship facility, you know that it can be frustrating to say the least. So many lenders either don’t offer loans for financing churches or make it nearly impossible to qualify for mortgages or church financing loans under terms that are reasonable and affordable. Pastors, ministers and congregations often don’t have the documentation necessary to obtain such funding.


That’s where we at MFI come in. We are here to help religious organizations more easily obtain financing loans for churches and more clearly understand their real estate purchase or refinance options. As religious organizations mature and their congregations change, whether it is growing or shrinking in size, changes may become necessary. Weather adding or expanding worship facilities or down sizing due to reduced congregation, a mortgage for re-financing or loans to purchase a church property may become necessary. Commercial lending and competitive interest rates and terms is what keep us ahead of the pack.

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We have church loan financing representatives that have years of direct commercial lending experience. Weather you are looking to refinance your current facility for debt consolidation or restructuring, purchase a new facility or build an addition to you current building, our team will help you design a funding program that is right for you and your organization’s financial situation.


MFI is competent in faith-based religious real estate lending. Our leadership is the result of our continued obligation to providing the religious and worship community with the financial credit and options necessary to support their ongoing ministries. It’s easy & fast just fill out our short quick application form and we will match your specific request with numerous commercial lenders that fund religious properties.

Religious commercial real estate mortgages for worship organizations to finance facilities for purchase or refinance is easy online. Our company brings many years of experience in commercial real estate for property types that range from vacant land to industrial buildings to office buildings. While each commercial real estate transaction is unique in nature, there are procedures that are repetitive and essential to nearly all real estate commercial transactions.


Get today’s current church mortgage rates for financing loans and a custom interest rate quote based on your needs and qualifications.. Commercial lenders provide programs at competitive rates and terms if requests are properly presented to them. Purchase or refinance for debt consolidation or improving the existing facility. Submit your request just once and let us get several offers from lenders who are eager to earn your business.

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We have a full array of worship financial resources and loans for financing your church mortgage. MFI will work with your organization in a way that makes sense for you. We’ll help whether you’re looking to consolidate your debt, pay for a new building, renovation or looking to refinance your current church mortgage loan. Rates are still low and now is the time to buy your worship facility or save by refinancing your current church loans. Use our Calculators to help you find the right amount to borrow and the monthly payment.

Finding the right mortgage broker for your commercial needs is critical. You really don’t want to work with a direct lender because if they turn you down for any reason you’re back on your own. A commercial broker can submit your request to all the best direct lenders that they already have a working relationship with. Plus, only one credit report is pulled and can be used to submit to as many commercial lenders as necessary to get you the best terms.

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