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Commercial Loans And Financing Types - Mortgages For Commercial Property

  • Apartments and Multi Family 5+ Units– Loan types and programs available for apartment buildings and multi family residential properties of 5 units or more. No limit to size.
  • Automotive – Gas Stations– Many lenders will not finance gas stations due to environmental concerns. We have lenders that will work with all automotive commercial properties.
  • Auto Body Shop Financing- Click here to learn more about your Auto Body Shop Finance options.
  • Auto Sales– Contact us today to learn more about Auto Sales Financing!
  • Bar/Lounge- Looking for a Loan to start your new Bar?  We can help.
  • Bed and Breakfast – Motel / Hotel– Bed and breakfast properties are popular these days. Financing can be a challenge though. We make it easy.
  • Campgrounds – RV Parks– Campgrounds and RV Parks are one of Americas favorite pastimes. Find out how to purchase or refinance them.
  • Car Wash- Click here to learn more! 
  • Golf Course – Learn more about Golf Course Financing by contacting us today. 
  • Hotel/Motel – Hotel Financing information here. 
  • Funeral Homes– Funeral Home Financing available. 
  • Gas Stations- Gas Stations are popular.  Contact us to learn more. 
  • Marinas – Are you looking for financing for a Marina? 
  • Mobile Home Parks-  Mobile Home Park Financing information available now. 
  • Laundromat– Financing options are available. 
  • Light Industrial- Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today. 
  • Land / Development– Looking for land acquisition and development financing? From small to the very large projects, we can help.
  • Mobile Home Parks– Purchase or refinance a Mobile Home Park at terms that provide the best profit scenario.
  • Retail- Click here to learn more about Retail Financing.
  • Office / Warehouse– Office buildings and warehouses are great investments. Get the best financing on office-warehouses available.
  • Restaurants- Financing for your restaurant is available. 
  • Retail Stores– Financing for commercial office – retail buildings can be tricky. Let us make it easy for you.
  • RV Parks– Visit this link to learn more. 
  • Shopping Centers– Are you building a shopping center? Start here. 
  • Day Care- Take the first step to owing your own child care center here. 
  • Self-Storage– Click here to learn more. 
  • SBA and Business / Equipment Loans– Looking for financing for a business without real estate involved? SBA and Business loans are available.
  • Other Property Types-Don’t see your property type….?
Commercial loan and mortgage interest rates are not as easily quoted as residential. They are not ‘cookie cutter” like quotes on residential financing. There are many aspects taken into consideration when quoting commercial loan rates on mortgages. Some of the things considered are:
  • Borrowers financial qualifications that are  documentable. IE: Personal Financial Statements, Tax Returns etc.
  • Can’t document? Stated Income and No Doc programs are available usually at higher commercial loan mortgage rates.
  • The type of property. Usually classified as “tiers”. Example: apartments are usually a tier 1 (lower risk). Bar/Lounges are usually a tier 4 (higher risk). The higher the risk, the higher the return for the lender.
  • Borrowers credit scores. Obviously, the lower the score the higher the risk. The higher the risk the higher the return.
  • Term of the loan. Usually the longer the lender has their money out, the higher the price.
  • Fixed or Adjustable. The lender will give the borrower a better price when they are willing to share in the risk of market fluctuations.
auto body shop financing
  • The property’s financial records. If purchasing or refinancing an income producing property, the property’s financial and income / expense history plays a huge part in determining the financing terms.
  • Pre payment penalties and “lockouts” are the norm in this type financing. They can be negotiated down or eliminated by paying “points” or accepting slightly higher rates.
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