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Owning and operating a carwash can be very financially rewarding and profitable. Mortgage financing loans for carwashes are available  at terms and interest rates that afford the owner to enjoy a good cash flow and monthly income stream. These business can be a part time proposition for coin operated facilities or are a fulltime job to say the least for the full service operations. It takes a large investment, not only of time but cash as well. Repairs, maintenance, advertising, supplies, insurance and other aspects are big factors running a car wash. Financing mortgage loans can be a large expense as well. Water and electric as well as sewerage are important to the upkeep of the facility. Trying to obtain Car Wash Financing Loans can be very frustrating or very easy if you know the right sources.

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MFI wants to help you find the right loans for financing your carwash. Our expertise with car wash financing small business loans will help you toward your financial goals. With an SBA or conventional commercial program that is just right for your qualifications and commercial property type, the job is easy.
The industry is diversified into basically 3 types of car washes. Financing loans for carwashes can vary depending on the type.


  • Coin Operated Wand Style – Put in your coins and clean it yourself. Here the owner spray down  his own vehicle with pre-soak, soap and rinse. You, as the owner, offer the space and equipment, the vehicle owner handles the labor. The finish quality on the vehicle depends totally on it’s owner. This type of facility is generally not attended or minimally attended. It does, however, require regular re-supplying, maintenance and janitorial work.
  • Full Service Commonly referred to as conveyor, interior / exterior or flex-serve type facilities. In this case, the vehicle is placed on a conveyor that pulls it through a series of soak and soap applicators, rinses and dryers. On exterior only service, the vehicle owner may remain in the vehicle. For Full Service, he leaves the vehicle, and you, the carwash owner, provides the labor to clean and detail the interior and exterior. The customer comes into the lobby of the building to pay for service and waits for the process to be completed. In an exterior car wash, the facility cleans only the outside of the vehicle. In flex-serve, you offer the option of interior or exterior-or both. A conveyor facility is attended full time by a manager and cleaning staff. The number of personnel required depends on the services you offer.
  • Automated Teller Machine – Often referred to as a pass-over / rollover, in-bay or automatic exterior only. Here the vehicle pulls up to by a pushbutton automatic teller where a code is entered or cash or credit card payment is made. The owner selects the  type of wash and enters the bay. At gas stations sites, the transaction may take place at the pump where a code is issued. The equipment may be touch free or it may be a brush-style unit that relies on soft foam or fiber brushes to actually make contact with and clean the vehicle.

All of the above types of facilities require carwash financing loans or mortgages to be used for purchasing or refinancing these commercial properties. These properties are excellent investments that will be in demand as long as people own personal transportation. Vehicle owners are proud of their autos and trucks and like to keep them clean and presentable.

How do I obtain a loan or finance it?

First of all, it is important to note that start-up or first time business owners are difficult to finance. The risk factor involved is high for the commercial lender due to lack of experience. This does not mean that money is not out there for you. It just means you have to have the right broker with the right lender contacts that will work hard to find an acceptable source for you. The good news is that this type investment has an excellent track record, and their failure rate is minimal making for a good investment from the lenders standpoint.

There are many creative ways to get a loan to finance your venture. The first is to look at the resources closest to you: family and friends. Typically, this group produces minimal returns. An offer to pay a better rate than they currently earn on their assets could be attractive. The best source is a good commercial loan broker with numerous lender sources from which to shop.

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