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Financing Loans for Campgrounds and RV Parks are easy online.

MFI has the RV Park and Campground loans and financing experience, knowledge and lender / investor pool necessary to understand the the ins and outs of the camping industry. We can customize a mortgage program to fit your unique needs. We have made the required hands on investment of time to really know the business, owner / operators, and financial necessities of RV Park campground ownership and management.


Our loans and financing programs are designed for RV park and campground owners and prospective owners to use in:


  • Refinancing their property for improving their business
    Refinance to improve your commercial property.
    1 to 20 year repayment schedule at good rates.
    Fixed and adjustable rate programs.
    Take cash out for any purpose.
  • Purchase an RV Campground Park with financing mortgage loans
    Competitive interest rates with a 20 year amortization
    2, 5, 10 year fixed rates
    Competitive terms and conditions
    Apply Now or get a custom quote for a Purchase or Refinance.

As an RV park campground financing loan broker, we have seen for ourselves the frustrations and challenges in attempting to get bank financing loans for campgrounds and RV Parks. We have found that the difference between successful and unsuccessful loan applications is the way the request is packaged and submitted to the commercial lender. We make it easy for the lender to say yes by showing them why they should say yes. The way to successfully do that, is to first understand the lenders decision making process. We at MFI as well as the numerous lenders and investors that we place these packages with, have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved it these types of commercial properties.

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Most campground / RV park owners don’t think that their banker will turn them down for financing loans. That is, until it happens, Most people believe that relationship banker just can’t turn them down. Wrong. Just because you may attend the same church or your kids play sports together or you have borrowed and paid back money for a car, your house or any other bank business, your local banker will most likely not be able to do your commercial business. But, the worst mistake you can make is to go to your regular bank and get turned down. That could raise red flags to them that could affect you current relationship.

Most lending requests are turned down because most bankers don’t understand the business. So, your job is to have the documentation ready to help us educate the commercial lender. As just one example that applies to an owner or a buyer, most show very little profit on the tax return. In fact , most show a loss. This is great for tax purposes but not necessarily for loan purposes. That’s where we come in. We are professional packagers of rv park campground financing loans and applications. We build your case for the lenders to review and approve.

commercial hard money lenders
commercial hard money lenders

While this industry revolves around recreation, fun and relaxed environments, the business end is serious business. If you don’t make sufficient profits and run a tight ship, you’ll be out of business before you know it. Arranging just the right type of financing for your rv park campground loans plays a huge part in your overall business plan. Loan terms from 2 to 30 years on fixed and variable rate programs are offered with full income qualifying as well as No Income Qualifying programs. Apply now to determine what program is best for you and your business.

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